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General Information

Name: Temeraire
Affiliation: Trainer
Travel Party: Misaki Asou ([personal profile] brokenmemories)
Current Location: Goldenrod City
Job: Trainer's Market Employee at Goldenrod Dept. Store (Jan 30 - ??)
Pokemon Fight Club: Brown armband with orange badge


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[There's a new sort of dragon in Blackthorn City today. Or rather, flying above it; after being grounded for nearly six months, Temeraire is taking full advantage of his regained wings to perform all sorts of fancy dives and loops. And with him being several stories tall and weighing around eighteen tons, it would be very difficult to miss seeing him. A second look reveals that he's wearing a complicated-looking harness made of leather straps that covers from his chest to the base of his tail. There's also a large, platinum pendant around his neck, decorated with sapphires and pearls. Every so often he stops to hover in the air, bending his long neck around to rub the pendant with his nose. Around him, a group of six Pokemon fly: a Druddigon, a shiny black Charizard, a Dragonite, an Altaria, and a Flygon. Next to Temeraire, they look like so many gulls flocking around a ship.]

[Around midmorning, the joy of being in his proper form again settles down enough that Temeraire realizes that he doesn't actually know where in Johto he is. Or, more importantly, where Misaki is. So he starts flying lower over the city, hoping to spot her. But what if she's inside? Maybe he'd better call out.]


[…and by 'call out' he actually means 'accidentally deafen the whole city'. Whoops.]

[If he doesn't find her in Blackthorn, Temeraire will pick a direction and start flying, keeping a sharp eye out for her or anyone he recognizes as he soars throughout Johto. He'll also have to stop and rest occasionally, in whatever large, clear space he can find. And since he's wearing his harness, he might even give some people rides.]

[OOC: For reference, here he is on a size chart (he's the black one). Comments will be coming from [personal profile] dragonrights!]
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Pre-Video action, in which a sheep seizes an opportunity )

[The feed comes on aimed at what looks like simply a large patch of smoothed dirt, not quite dry from yesterday's rain. But, on second glance, the entire patch is filled with mathematical equations, neatly written into the dust. There are all sorts of problems, from pythagorean 'solve for the length of the side of this right triangle' to quadratic formulas. As the camera moves over all this it finally reaches the lower corner of the patch, where a Flaaffy is crouched and holding a stick in one paw to write, intently working out something to do with a circle.]

[Now, the video turns back around to show Temeraire, looking a mix of pleased, stunned, and very proud.]

He has done all this himself, and been able to answer every problem I have given him. All from his own observations.

[He pauses for a long moment, before starting to look embarrassed and more than a little ashamed.]

I had not realized he could be so clever, and did not bother to try teaching him anything myself before. I am afraid I have been treating him very unfairly, just because of his species. I did not even give him a proper name.

Does anyone know how I might best begin to make it up to him?
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Misaki! I am here in Goldenrod now.

[Temeraire's eyes are wide, and his expression just a bit awestruck. From the background of the video, he's clearly already wandered a ways into the city. He'd thought Violet was fascinating before, but this place…he'd never imagined something like it existed.]

I did not realize it would be so big. The buildings are so much taller than they are in Dover, and I wonder if it might be even bigger than London.

[Not that he's ever actually seen London.]

Misaki, if you could tell me where you are, I will try to find you, although I am not terribly sure where in the city I am.

[With that, he turns the feed off. For anyone in Goldenrod, they might find him wandering anywhere in the city, trailed by a Druddigon (which has a carefully blanket-wrapped egg strapped onto her back), a shiny Charmander, and his newly caught Mareep. He'll be trying to look in about five different directions at the same time so that he can see everything, so collisions are very likely.]
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[Temeraire is looking much more put together than he was the last time he was on the network. He's also gotten better at working the 'Gear.]

Excuse me, everyone, I have a question for the people who have been here longer.

[He turns the camera around behind him to show a Druddigon and a shiny golden Charmander. The Charmander looks to be pestering the Druddigon despite being a fraction of her size, with the Druddigon carefully batting it away every so often. Then the camera is back on Temeraire, who lowers his voice and looks a little worried.]

Neither of them have gotten any bigger. Shimmer has only just hatched, so it makes sense that she is still small, but Reliant is at least a few weeks old and has not grown at all. Is that normal for Pokemon?

[He thinks a moment before adding, more to himself although it's still clearly audible] There have not been any cows or sheep for them to eat, perhaps that is what's wrong.

[Then he's back to addressing the camera at a normal speaking volume, and smiling a little for good measure.] I would very much appreciate any help.

[The feed lasts a little bit longer while he looks for the off button, but apparently he finds it because it shuts off.]
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[The feed first opens on the bright red face of a Druddigon, the top of her head already lightly coated in snow. She makes a satisfied sound that she's managed to get the 'Gear turned on, before handing it to the young man leaning heavily against her side, looking unbalanced as though he'd fall over in a moment if she weren't keeping him upright.]

[He's wearing a bottle green coat that looks like a military uniform out of entirely the wrong century, including a cravat that's been pulled loose. He gingerly takes the 'Gear from the Druddigon with the tips of his fingers, his hands curled like claws, and looks down at it curiously. He clearly doesn't realize he's talking to anyone other than the Pokemon next to him.]

I do not understand why you keep handing me this strange box. It does not do anything but light up and show words which make no sense at all.

[There's something oddly clumsy about his speech, as though he's having trouble speaking around his own mouth. He taps at the screen with one finger.]

Which is very interesting, and I should like to keep it after I get back, but it is not telling me anything useful. And neither are you, whatever language you're speaking. [He casts a somewhat sullen look at the Druddigon, who only sighs and shrugs.]


But it isn't! It says welcome to the world of Pokemon, but not what a Pokemon is. Or where Laurence is, or how I have been changed into a human. I am quite sure I haven't swallowed any odd pearls, I would remember.

[He's starting to look considerably more anxious now, but after a moment swallows and squares his shoulders determinedly. He can't waste time on panic now!]

I don't suppose this is something Napoleon might have done…but I must find Laurence. You may help me if you like, and then we will find your captain too if you have one.

[Temeraire clearly feels that he can't be standing here and waiting to begin his search any longer, because he pushes off the Druddigon to stand on his own, takes a single, determined step forward…and immediately overbalances and faceplants in the snow, the feed going completely white and then cutting out.]
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Tell me how I'm doing with Temeraire! He's a brand new character for me, so if you have any comments/criticisms I'd love to hear them. Anon is enabled, and IP logging is off.

IC Contact

Dec. 8th, 2012 10:45 pm
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"Hello, this is Temeraire. If I've missed you, you may leave a call or a letter here where I might find it and respond."
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Will put something here when there are some!
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Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!


Dec. 8th, 2012 10:21 pm
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Name: Ieva
Personal Journal: [personal profile] ieva
E-mail: coalfiredragon@yahoo.com
AIM: ievavkasku
Timezone: CST
Current Characters in Route: Envy

Name: Temeraire
Series: Temeraire
Timeline: Directly after the end of the first book
Canon Resource Links:
Temeraire's wiki page
Official short story from Temeraire's POV, at around the point I'm taking him from

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